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Welcome To Carmen Montano M. D.
Welcome to my Aesthetic Medical Procedures practice.

I have been practicing Internal Medicine since 1992. Throughout all these years and having a large panel of female patients I have the opportunity to help them with their health needs, but I also realized that there were a lot of " Woman Wants" that I was not able to fulfill because I did not have the Medical Specific Training to fulfill "Their Wants" in addition to "Their Needs". 

I came to the conclusion that I personally was experiencing the same "Wants that my female patients had.

My patients are not getting any younger Neither am I.

A lot of my patients became frustrated about the inability to get rid of the abdominal fat, even after trying the Healthiest Diet and a great deal of exercise. Fat deposits in the thighs, love handles, under-bra rolls are always a common source of frustration for all of us.

Among other concerns that I personally had and shared with my most beauty-conscious patients: short eyelashes, wrinkles, loose skin, spider veins, and various growths and skin imperfections.

After getting a lot of beauty-related questions that I was unable to answer, as an Internal Medicine Doctor (and many of those were my own unanswered questions)-- I decided to get additional Training in Aesthetic Medical Procedures and Body Sculpting.

I began to take my training after working extensively with obese patients (Bariatric Medicine) to help them lose weight and prevent Diabetes. I realized that after losing weight, there were residual pockets of "Stubborn Fat". very difficult to eliminate using traditional exercise and diets.

Most of my patients  prefer to pursue weight loss results without resorting to the more costly and risky invasive procedures that modern surgery currently offers.

Being a practicing Internist and being aware of the high cost and all the potential complications that surgical procedures entail, I wanted to offer a solution that avoids those risks. In other words: "Safety First".

I want my patients to be gradually or, in some procedures, immediately-- satisfied with the results, taking very little risk on their health. That is the reason why I do not delegate the execution of such procedures to any other health professional.

In this way you can be sure that all your procedures will be performed by a Qualified Physician, in person.

Call us for a free consultation on  botox, body sculpting, Juvederm, Veins,PRP and other Aesthetic Medical Procedures. 
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