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Regarding "Fat Spot" Reduction.

• Is it painful? 

The needles used are very small and most of the injections are painless.
After the session, there is some swelling and localized redness and burning sensation that can be managed with Tylenol and ice packs.

• How long does the procedure last?

15 minutes or less depending on the size of the treatment area 

• When do I start seeing results?

Usually, after 3 sessions. Some people will see full results after 3 sessions, --others will need 6 or more sessions. Healthy diet and exercise will improve results.

• Are the results permanent? 

The results tend to be permanent, if you cooperate with Mother Nature and follow a healthy life style.

• Does the fat come back in new areas of the body?

No, the fat that is eliminated in the original areas of treatment does not reappear in new areas. If you start having an unhealthy diet you will regain weight and develop new fat deposits as a result of the unhealthy diet, but not because of this procedure.

About spider veins removal with ELLMAN SURGITRON;

• Is the treatment painful?

The energy used during the spider vein treatment is a low-energy stream. Even though some people are able to tolerate the procedure without anesthesia, --as a rule, and for patient’s comfort-- I prefer to apply local anesthesia prior to the procedure.

• Do the spider veins reoccur?

The spider veins in the face have much better results than the ones in the legs.  The reason is that, there is no pressure applied to the veins in the face, as opposed to the pressure applied to the veins in the legs when you are standing or walking.

Birth-control pills, Hormones, Obesity, Pregnancy and long standing hours all predispose to the recurrence of spider veins in the legs.

Use of Support Hose for 6-8 weeks after the procedure improves the results.
In the case of jobs that require long standing hours, daily use of support hose is recommended.

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